My Health Journey: The End of the Beginning

by kriggins on June 27, 2012

This is me on June 24th, 2010.

Click to enbiggen, as if I wasn’t big enough already.

Wowsa. I cringe when I look at what I used to carry around.

I have written two other posts in this series, which you can read here and here, but I will summarize:

Statistic 2010 2011
Weight  235+ 210
Total Cholesterol  249  179
LDL  151  85
HDL  25  43
Triglycerides  365  170
Total Cholesterol/HDL Ratio  9.6  3.8


I made some pretty good progress in that first year. Again, details can be found in the posts I point to above, but the short and sweet of the changes I made to affect those improvements were:

  1. Exercise – I started Crossfitting 4-5 days per week. This turned out to be too much for my body to handle and I dropped to three.
  2. Nutrition – I greatly reduced the amount of grains and refined sugars that I ate.

That’s all cool and wonderful, but with a post title like “The End of the Beginning,” I’m sure you are wondering how things are going now.

Still here?


In all seriousness, things are going absolutely fantastic. I had a physical today, the 27th of June, 2012, and everything is good. In fact, doc didn’t suggest any changes.

Let’s look at the numbers first.

Statistic 2010 2011 Today
Weight 235+ 210 193
Total Cholesterol (<200 is good) 249 171 179
LDL (<120 is good, <=100 is ideal) 151 85 109
HDL (>40 is good, >=60 is ideal) 25 43 50
Triglycerides (<=100 is ideal) 365 170 99
Total Cholesterol/HDL Ratio (<=3.5 is ideal) 9.96 3.98 3.58
Triglycerides/HDL Ratio (<=2.0 is ideal) 14.6 5.0 2.0
HDL/LDL Ration (>=0.3 is desirable) 0.12 0.51 0.46
Body Fat % (2010 and 2011 est.) 27 18.1 10.8


First. Yup, that’s 40+ pounds gone.

Poof. No longer on ma bod. (If by poof we mean gone because of a whole lot of work and a whole lot of change)

Second. Those are some fabulous numbers. What’s more, every other number in my labs was in range, i.e. good. Not bad for a 47 year old. Reminder: Nutrition and exercise, no meds.

The most amazing part is a good chunk of that weight loss since 2011 has occurred over the last 6 weeks or so, with 10 pounds of it coming off in the last month.


I’m going to tell you in just a moment, but first, gratuitous shirtless photo taken on June 24th, 2012. Notice that is exactly 2 years since the first photo in this post.

Click to enbiggen.

A bit less of me than before, huh? Wanna see side by side?


click to enbiggen

Just a tad bit of a difference.

Now to answer the ‘how’ question.

It’s really quite simple. Read The Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson and do everything he says. If you would like to know more before buying the book, you can read The Primal Blueprint 101 online.

However, I’m not going to leave you hanging since this is about my story, not Mark’s. This is how it happened.

I started Crossfit. I saw progress. I started messing with my nutrition. I saw more progress. In fact, I have made many changes to my nutrition over the last 2 years. All of them, slowly, but surely moving me towards stricter adherence to a paleo/primal diet.

About a month ago, I finally decided that I wanted to see what would happen if I bought in whole hog to eating primarily whole foods, avoiding most grains, and removing dairy and refined sugar from my diet. Yes, even cookies and ice cream although I have snuck in some frozen yogurt a couple times. Second admission, I have some rice now and again. Result? I got even healthier and my Crossfit perfo